In the Watchtower
Here the denizens of the foul tunnels below have erected a watchtower
so that they can keep watch on the surrounding area. The place is
very bare and cold and four large windows offer a view to the cardinal
points of the compass.
Exits: Down.
A mailbox stands here stuffed full of messages.
Bantak the Maia is standing here.
Sabadon the Maia is standing here (idle).

03-11-23, Grulg        PUKES DIE
03-08-23, Galil        Russians dying, that's a good thing right?
03-08-22, Galil        Crouching Zigrakh, hidden bow
03-08-21, Galil        Elf vs mountain
03-08-21, Galil        Elf vs heavydoor
03-08-19, Galil        200k in 1 minute
03-08-17, Galil        Helping Plancy escape yet another mobdeath!
03-08-16, Galil        Saving trolls from the dreaded backstabbing elf.
03-08-11, Galil        Sleeping beau^H^H^H^H^Hugly.
03-08-07, Galil        Galil needs level and a gleaming belt.
03-07-27, Grulg        Grulg gets stabbed. Grulg gets even.
03-07-24, Grulg        Checking west priest.
03-07-24, Grulg        Grulg being a loudmouth at Bree.
03-07-24, Heman        Brawling around Balrog.
03-07-13, Grulg        Brutal damage.

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